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The main goals of ARTMALL.GLOBAL are to help talented creators of contemporary art bring their creativity to people around the world. At the same time, we help art lovers, people who decide to make an original and valuable gift or decorate their interior, or can create their own collection in a reliable, convenient, easy way to find the works they like and get them for themselves as soon as possible.

We are not just a painting store, our mission is to be a recognized global platform for the popularization of contemporary art, which helps artists and owners of paintings to sell their art objects, and people from all over the world to acquire them and delight millions of eyes in their environment.
The inner world of artists, their views and problems are very important for us, therefore we provide a 100% personal approach to each author. Our employees are in touch 24/7/365 for all our clients.
ARTMALL.GLOBAL offers a wide range of modern, interior paintings made on canvas with oil or art acrylic paints, with decorative elements. All art on ARTMALL.GLOBAL is original and handmade by authors, we do not post prints and copies of famous works, we appreciate the work, heart and soul invested in each object by the author, as this is the real depth of the ocean of human talent and imagination!

ARTMALL.GLOBAL offers handmade oil and acrylic paintings at original and transparent prices of the author or owner, which protects the buyer from manipulation and speculation with prices on other resources. We build long-term relationships with all our partners, so your trust is important to us. In the catalogs you will find paintings that are perfect for decorating modern spaces: apartments, offices, houses, restaurants, as well as hotel complexes, for gifts and unforgettable moments, it is also possible to order the painting you need.
The ARTMALL.GLOBAL team of professionals is working every day on a number of new and original services that we will present to you constantly. It is already possible, with our help, to organize master classes with our artists, corporate and offsite creative integrations, to allow all guests of your event to create a collective picture that will become an invaluable reminder of an important event for you. Also, we actively cooperate with the world of show business, sports, public and business organizations on the creation of charity auctions and fundraising for those in need.
We are always open to cooperation, negotiations and new interesting projects.
Dear friends and partners, every day modern painting makes new hearts fall in love with itself, and we at ARTMALL.GLOBAL are happy to be your personal guide to the world of art!



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